My first post! :)

First off, welcome to my blog! 🙂

Let me start by giving  a little background information on me!

I am happily married, 42 years old, and started this weight loss journey about 2 years ago!

When I started this process, I weighed 244.5 pounds– I have struggled with this because I have a bad knee so working out has been really hard for me. Almost a year ago ( in Feb) I had a total knee replacement and I thought that was it, I never thought I would get this weight off and even before then I had to stop working out because I had knee surgery and was in physical therapy for the last year-I have kept going, even with constipation, medications and constant downtime I have been determined!  I have only been able to do this with food, I have just started working out slowly, I walk two miles on my cane, they want to do another surgery this winter for I am still having complications with my knee, meaning it is not fixed and they believe that I have torn my rotator cuff.  I did loose the first 20 through my gym ( thank you Beth at the Brick house in Mt, Clements, I miss you girls!)  which I sadly had to quit. I wanted to say thank you and really thank you! I have paid it forward, so may people ask me, how I have done it, they know my story, they know I can’t work out, and they know my struggle and that I am 16  pounds to my goal, I tell everyone about the Eat Clean diet! And that  if they want to change their lives and not just diet, then this is the way to go one pound at a time, that if this 42  year old woman can do it, anyone can.

I wanted to start this blog for so many people have asked me HOW I do this, how can I DO this with an injury, how can I still lose weight, working out so limited?  Well, I do follow the Eat Clean diet, I am also now a Vegan which I will get more into and I am determined!!!! It has taken me longer, it has been harder but it CAN be done! REALLY, it can!

So, here is my blog, I will share what I have done, hopefully, others will too and this will be a safe, clean place we can DO this TOGETHER!!

So, be patient with me, I am just starting, never done this before, any tips, feedback, help, will be greatly appreciated!!!!

-YOU CAN DO THIS! I am so close to my goal but it has taken me so long to get here but even better than that, I am paying it forward for I have learned that so many people out there feel the way I mentioned and when they see how YOU are doing-that is your chance or our chance to help, so many people ask me how I have done this and I tell everyone about the Eat Clean diet, it has changed my life and I am so thankful to Mrs. Tosca for this I can’t even say….

So, this is my story, I am looking forward to reading so many more of yours and getting to know ya’ll!




6 thoughts on “My first post! :)

  1. Aww, thank you so much! This too will be an experiment -I am nervous and excited! 🙂 But I think this will be good, for I am really hoping this will help, for so many people believe they CAN’T do this when they are hurt, or have an injury or whatever the reason may be and I am here to share my journey and tell them they CAN! 🙂

    So glad you are here….


    • Well, there is THAT, I guess…but if you don’t stay away from MY pringles we are going to have serious issues! LOL

      HE, who is not a chocoholic, hmmm, interesting!

      Happy, is that a question, you have more for me, cause I have a list, I have been practicing….

      Love you! 🙂

  2. Hey Traci! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I don’t know what happened, exactly – but I deleted your comment. Oops. I’m still learning about this blogging thing, myself.

    Thanks so much for the encouragement! What you’ve done is amazing and I’m inspired.

    • I, understand this is all new to me as well.

      Thank you so much for coming to my blog and your kind comments, we are all in this journey together! So, hang in there!


Thanks, Traci

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