My first shopping experience!

Now, as most know I have been ‘ Eating Clean’ for about two years and lost 90 pounds, I am not going to stop doing that, nor try to convert anyone to this new way of life I am now following…I am here to try to help those who 1.) want to lose weight and think they CAN’T do it with an injury like I have and 2.) want to be healthy, whether that is Eating Clean, Vegan, just starting, whatever, this is a SAFE place and I intend to keep it as such.

I have tried and failed EVERY diet known to man out there, just sayin’ so if anyone can learn from MY mistakes, please do! 🙂

So, one thing I did read yesterday was, going into this new lifestyle was, start slow, this is REALLY hard for me for I am a ‘ jump in and let’s do it’ kinda girl! Did this with EC, working out, as we see that didn’t do so well with me, lol and also with this, but man did that pizza commercial look good last night! 🙂 But I don’t want to back slide and we do still have a lot of things in our house and Michael is struggling a bit, it is all nice and fuzzy when you KNOW you are doing things for the right reason, but even my step son did this gradually so please bear with me as I transition into this process, I am not backsliding, I am just going a bit slowly so I am can make sure I do it forever! 🙂

So, the store, or shall I say THREE stores and almost $350.00 laater! Eeek, we were thinking, ummm, not sure this is going to fly for very long, we can’t afford this, now granted, we are trying some things!

Now, I have yet to give up Oil, so we got the Earth Balance butter? Have ya’ll tried this, I was pretty surprised, I really like it!

It was much better than I thought! 🙂

Oh and here is my fridge!

It was packed to the RIM, Michael was like, THINKING THERE IS NO WAY we are closing this baby!  And you can’t even see it all, LOL, we went a tad over board! You are so surprised on what has eggs, what has milk, so that was part of it, I mean I bought some multi grain Pringle’s I know, NOT CLEAN, but I was SO surprised, you could hear me through the WHOLE store, lol, so I think some of this is just going to be an adjustment! Trial and error! And more making things, like I have been doing for the past few years but now without egg whites and milk and cheese! 🙂

The other thing I did find for you EC’s, I do not like almond milk, I mean it is ok, but it just has this taste, but I had my Kashi this morning and had rice milk, it as DELISH! 🙂 So YEA for that, WAS so happy! 🙂 It just didn’t have the bitter taste I find with almonds!

I am also having a scale issues, as some know, I weigh every day…keeps me honest, and it seems to not want to weigh in the morning, UGH, driving me batty! I feel so off kilter, may have to take some of my bday money and break down and buy a damn scale! Sigh! With being close to my goal, this is an issue!

So, this is where we are, Traci will be having shrimp tonight, see, keeping it honest, no one but me eats it and like I said, we are trying to get all things out of our house, sigh!

Happy Fall to you all, it is Beautiful here in Michigan, anyone got any good foodie ideas, I can always use them!??

Have a Blessed Day!




2 thoughts on “My first shopping experience!

  1. Great job girl! Here is wishing you all the best with the new blog, I can’t wait to read more. I totally remember my first shopping trip when I started eating clean. I think I spent somewhere between 350-400 dollars. I have managed to bring that down a good bit now….lol!

  2. Hi there Helen, thank you so much for stopping by, as you can see I am in the very beginning stages…like I am still trying to figure out how to get my ‘ facebook’ to show the ‘facebook’ picture on my page like it does in the upper right hand corner of yours, aww the things I still have to learn, lol.

    Oh my, I recall the beginning stages of EC very well, Michael always wondering why I needed to have three different types of flour, lol and I still have them, maybe even more now and I use them too. 🙂

    You have given me many different ‘foods for thoughts’ and I so cherish everything thing I read so please don’t think I don’t, even if I do not comment all the time, I have just started working and I am trying to figure out my balance, so thank you for all the wonderful things you always have to say.

    Thank you again for coming to my blog, it is my little work in progress and I so hope I can help a few people, like you have done in helping me! 🙂


Thanks, Traci

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