Yes, Vegan Cookies, Hubby APPROVED!

Sorry, I am behind, I have to admit this shoulder is just kicking my tail, I keep thinking I have a handle on it and I just don’t, it is making Traci not a happy person and to THINK, it will be this way till at LEAST January, sigh! I see my knee surgeon on the 15th, I am going to at least ask him about it.  I know he does knees, but he is ortho, maybe he can help me in some way for this pain, I think I am going to lose my mind!  It hurts when I go to bed, it wakes me, it hurts when I walk, when I breathe, when I lay down, and now my leg falls asleep again, it hurts when I carry things, when I cook, when I make the bed, when I type, open things, and when I move the wrong way.  I have to catch my breath, and trying to hide it, well, that just makes it harder.  Trying to be ‘ happy’ all the time or ‘ normal’ sigh, it is just making it worse, but I just SO want to be freaking normal, I am so tired of this, but when you don’t tell people, they treat you normal and they expect it, but I am out of drugs so either way,  then you are screwed, so sitting here I am in pain, I just want to scream, but hence I am quiet! Plus, my boss wants me to work, so I wanted to try to get this out while doing that…sigh, so sorry, I am behind!


So, my Vegan cookies, first draft, they were a little dry, I will work on that. The next draft will be better I think.

Hubby Approved


And of course, Michael had to take one with me eating them, one


Yep, I was eating them! 🙂


So, here is the proof, they were tasty, trial and error, but they were GOOD! I have learned, especially during ‘THOSE’ times, you must have sweet eats, and instead of invading the pantry, which I have done. I need to have healthy eats, that of course are tasty!

Here is the recipe, now I had to add and extra 1/4 cup of oil and I also added an extra 1/4 cup of chocolate chips for I used mini and vegan ones btw…


Vegan Choc Cookies049

So, not sure  you can see this, I will have to find a way to put this another way, for it was a great recipe. I truly believe a lot of this will be trial and error for I am not the best cook but it is making me try more and different things, so that is good.

So, all for now, off to work, looking for mugs for our Thanksgiving Luncheon, my first I have planned, eek! 🙂 Thankfully, my boss, though not Vegan, she is healthier so there will be some options available for me.

Have a blessed day!




2 thoughts on “Yes, Vegan Cookies, Hubby APPROVED!

Thanks, Traci

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