Sorry I have been away!

Sorry I have been away, been under the weather, will try to catch up soon, I am not sure what is going on but when not making myself go to work, I have either been in bed or on the couch, some stomach thing, hoping it will pass soon!


Still planning on doing my journey, tips and anything I can think of to help those who are just starting, currently going through it or just need some help!


Thanks for hanging in there with me!





4 thoughts on “Sorry I have been away!

    • Helen,

      Thank you for this, sorry I am so late, I am posting to now to explain, been in a rough spot! So hope you and yours are well? 🙂


    • Hello there Patricia,

      I am so sorry I am so late, I have been having a rough time…about to post about it, thank you so much for sticking by me and I am trying to get myself together! 🙂


Thanks, Traci

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