Yep, Traci the Smurf!

Hello Dear friends!

As most of you know, I am battling a shoulder injury, so between this and my knee, Traci is often not a happy camper! 🙂 In  January when I’m  able to have the MRI and start figuring out what is wrong with me exactly, I’m going to do my ‘ Eat Clean Guide’, we have talked about! 🙂

For now, so that I can keep in touch, lets  just talk about some ‘ regular’ things which are going on, for even I need a break from all MY misery! 🙂 LOL

Since I have been shopping ( for Christmas) I have been having to do some for myself, even though the joke is- ‘ I HATE SHOPPING’! 🙂 My Husband just shakes his head and patiently just does the ‘man nod’! You know the one, where they don’t say anything, they just nod, yep, that was it! 🙂

I have been wanting to change my look, get away from wearing ALL black, do you know how much black I have?  Now, that I have changed a bit, lost some weight, I want to add some color back to my world! So Hubby, being the patient man he is, took me shopping.  My (oh my) what a wonderful man I have, took me anywhere I wanted to go!  He waited, carried and commented, all in the most positive of ways! Now, can you ask for more than that?

So, Traci went to Aeropostle, yep, me at 42 thinking, am I crazy, do people my age even KNOW about this store? I have to say this because I have found a wonderful woman Amber whose  been cutting my hair, and  she has the two- toned hair that Avril Lavigne made so popular. I WANT IT, lol, but I joke with her and say ‘ but I am to old’ and she says’ please, you don’t look to be out of your 30’s!’ Now, you see why I love Amber, and I may yet do the two-toned style, but it may be brown and red.

BTW, like my new haircut? I laughed and said that if you were to give me a can of Aquanet and some electric blue eyeliner it’d be like I was back in the 80’s! 🙂 What do you think?

Traci 2011, my new Haircut!

Also, you can’t see it but I am wearing my new Aeropostle Hoodie! As I mentioned, COLOR, TRACI NEEDS COLOR! 🙂 So, while we were there, I saw a lime green hoodie and said YES, that is mine! Of course being at an Outlet Mall and EVERYTHING is on sale, they are limited in sizes! They only had a large, and I thought,  YES my size!  You are talking to the lady who was 245 pounds, right, a large, that will work!?  So my Husband had me try it on OVER my sweater, did I tell you HE must have been crazy? Well, umm, you see ( I HATE admitting he is right, sigh!), it was too big! I was like, are you kidding? So, I saw the blue one ( my Husband calls me a smurf, lol) and they only had a small. Well, why not, stranger things in the universe have happened. Yep, perfect fit! A small, with medium bottoms, WOW, can anyone say WOW!

Here is the Hoodie, before I cut my hair!

And there you have it, I am adding some color to my world, I have something really comfy to wear and I am a Smurf, you just gotta love it!


Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope they are blessed!





Thanks, Traci

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