Calling Dr. House….

Another brief pause, I apologize, trying to get on my computer is just too much sometimes! 😦

I have started physical therapy for my frozen shoulder and though I hadn’t done much, I seemed to have developed pain in my chest it feels like there is a brick on it! It has subsided  but not gone away so I have a doctor’s apt today. At one point I couldn’t even lie on my back, now I can but  the more I move around, the worse it is. It was also suggested by my orthopedic surgeon that I go to U of M and see a rheumatologist and see if there is something ‘ internal’ going on since I am relatively healthy and all these weird ‘ joint’ issues keep happening with me; we are working on that and hopefully that it’ll be taken care of soon. Update, chest and lungs are fine, to quote my doctor ‘we are just all too stupid to figure this out, but I want to, give me a few weeks!’

I am also thinking of resigning from my part-time job. This has caused some friction at home,  because of medical bills and really me not being there very long. I also got a call back for another job while I was gone, Michael said she was very nice, I did call her back but she was not there, I will try again in the morning.

I am still ‘ pre-existing’, my PT is not covered but I hate my job, the stress is NOT good for me, but more than that between the frozen shoulder, the knee/thigh (they just told me they want to do another surgery) and now this, I hurt all the time. I told Michael I just needed a bit of time to try to heal, then I would get a job! It’s hard to focus on work ( I work in HR) when I don’t sleep well and I hurt so much) but also, I just hate it! understandably, he’s concerned for our medical bills could start to mount up and then what, and what about later, for really at this point, when will this end? It could be a year?  So much for me to think on. If I do, it will be for a brief time, just to try to get through some of this and then find something I am more suited for, everyone will be MUCH happier that way!

Either way, that is why I have been quiet, I haven’t blogged, face-booked, or anything I just haven’t been on here, so trying to keep up!

Off to the doctor today, hopefully, we can get into U of M soon and find out if something is going on! And that we find out today nothing is too serious!

I am still Eating Clean, broke the frustrating 150’s, whoot! 149 baby! 🙂 Though Florida may have to wait till next year!




Thanks, Traci

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