Pictures-Mem’ries of the Soul!

Ani, Me, Courtney (Mine), Breah and Erik (his)-our family-Christmas-2012


Courtney, my Sister Lisa, me and my Mama, while I was visiting Austin, Texas -summer 2011.

Hello there!

I wanted to share a few pictures of our family with you. I feel pictures are pieces of our soul that we get to view again and again.

Often times, in the blogging world, we only share a part of ourselves– brief windows into who we really are. Well, here are some pieces of me– some precious moments of my life. I hope you enjoy!



Being Goofy!

Traci, Feb 2012-Go Wings!

Of COURSE, we have the Red Wings, GO WINGS! I adore Hockey! 🙂

Breah's 18th Bday-this is Michael's Daughter Breah ( on the left) and their exchange student Ani from South America.

Michael and I went to watch the Wings practice. It was SO freaking cold I must say. I DID ask him to fix my hair, lol-you can see, he didn't! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pictures-Mem’ries of the Soul!

    • I am starting to count calories, I’m still eating clean but instead of a free for all, I am trying to keep it more controlled. Thanks so much for your feedback…

  1. Thanks for commenting–I am glad you found what works for you, that is wonderful!! I am still trying to see what works best for me. I lost over 90 doing the Eat Clean diet, and I still basically follow that…

    I am going to come back in April and discuss what is going on, and what I am going to do now because for me, it’s more about how I am feeling then about what the scale is saying at this point–I have so many other factors.

    I have never been one to count calories or restrict certain foods but right now, I am going to have to cut some things out for now to determine why I am feeling the way I do ( I have migraines but they are getting really bad, I am feeling really run down and having really bad constipation issues) so I am going to cut some things out, change some things around and try and see how I feel and see if I can figure out what is going on??

    The two times I felt best in my life are when I was doing the Eat Clean and when I was a Vegan ( as much as I fought it!) so now I just need to diary and see what is going on!

    So, thank you so much for your thoughts Allen Clyde, I appreciate them!


Thanks, Traci

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