Wowzers, for a newbie blog-thank you for the nomination!

I can’t believe it! I have been nominated by Helen in recognition for my blog and I feel very blessed because blogging is still very new to me.


So check her out ( the link is below). I seriously  want to crawl through the screen to get to her Good Eats!  I want to thank Helen for being such an inspiration to me––she really has no idea how much I admire her blog and ideas. I am in awe!

First off, I have to thank my husband Michael because he puts up with so much from me! Really!  Secondly, I am just a beginner at blogging, so this nomination is an honor.

I have recently decided  to change  my blog format. I still believe in what started it––Eating Clean, but now I want to expand on that idea and make it more, so I am very excited!  Please bear with me while I get situated.

We all travel different paths to a healthy life,  and  use different ways get there.  I really want to help those with an injury who think they can’t loose weight but they CAN.

So here are 7 things about me you don’t know me…

  1. I am originally from Mississippi.
  2. I love expensive purses––can we say Coach! 🙂
  3. My Mama calls me Petunia.
  4. My favorite flower is a Lilly. (Michael plants one for me every year!)
  5. I met my husband on a poetry forum ( in fact, he proposed to me with a poem in a bottle!)
  6. I have three cats; Snickers, Oreo and Hershey, all adopted from the Humane Society.
  7. I have been best friends with my friend Kat for over 20 years! I miss her  because she lives in Texas and I live in Michigan. 😦

Here are 11 sites that you should check out…















4 thoughts on “Wowzers, for a newbie blog-thank you for the nomination!

  1. You are very deserving of this award, I was truly honored to nominate you 🙂

    I did see this several days ago, but I am very slow with responding. I have to blame it on just plain not taking the time to comment. I have been reading but no commenting much lately due to time constraints. I really need to be more concious of that. I have made so many wonderful friends through the blog world that I really enjoy commenting back and forth with!

    Can’t wait to see what the future holds for your blog 🙂

  2. I understand Helen, I am just glad you saw this. Thank you again, I appreciate all your help and again for the award, it means so much to me!

    I am getting things together slowly, but look forward to all the things to come here at my blog! 🙂


  3. You have a very good meal plan with an awesome blog! I am still researching for for an alternative to surgery; still researching on this Roca Labs that I found in youtube… Can’t do surgery, costly and so complicated, some people even die within 30 days after operation, basing on research.

  4. Thank you so much timezonehoppers!

    If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you have to lose?

    I know some who have done the surgery and done really well, my cousin in fact and a co-worker who is going through it currently. BUT I think it really depends on you. I didn’t even go there because I was at 245 and wasn’t considered ‘ in danger’ if that makes sense? Also, I hadn’t been this weight my whole life. There are so many factors. But what I CAN say is this…

    -I lost my weight after a total knee replacement ( this will be my next blog entry I am doing today, thank you for inspiring me!)
    -I did a lot of this without working out! I don’t ENCOURAGE this, it was just what I had to do because I had so many complications and still do! I am able to walk 2 miles now but it takes me an hour to do this!
    -Anyone can do this, ANYONE can do this! It may take some time, it’s hard but YOU can do this! I have had my slips and slides–I am having one right now! I just stated back to work and my comfort zone is all off and I need to get re-focused, we all go through that, we get ‘comfortable’. The scale says something and it’s ok, one size up, oh ‘it’ ok I will lose it’! WE CAN’T BE THAT WAY!!!!

    So, let me know how I can help. As, I said I just started back to work so I am a little off balance and trying to get sorted out, but I will be around, we can figure this out together!

    Thank you for your sweet comments–let me know how you are doing!!

    Traci 🙂

Thanks, Traci

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