Inspiration, Prayer and why we help others!

At the check out line a bit ago, my step son told me –‘Traci, you are an inspiration!’

Erik and Traci









Coming from a 20-year-old that meant a lot to me, even when I don’t feel like that…

The reason for this is because I tell EVERYONE about my weight loss. This is not because I am vain. Ok, if I’m  TOTALLY honest I do struggle with this at times but it’s also because if I can reach ONE person whose struggling, who may need help who doesn’t THINK they can do it– that makes my day!

As I have told everyone, I have failed soooo many diets before I found Eat Clean and I am so grateful.

So many things have changed for me. I was reading on Transformations and a lady mentioned prayer and diet and I couldn’t agree more. Every morning on my way to work ( I am in a new job) I pray to stay ‘ in the Spirit’! God has changed me in SO many ways and I don’t for ONE second think He had nothing to do with this for He did! My purpose is to help others who– like me don’t think they can for they are hurting or injured or scared, for we WILL succeed!

Thank you Rhonda for including me, I feel truly blessed. Please read the other stories on here, they are truly amazing!!!!

Happy Sunday to you all!




3 thoughts on “Inspiration, Prayer and why we help others!

  1. What a sweet comment. Yes, I agree, you are an inspiration! I know how hard it is to lose weight. Never be ashamed of your story. I feel the same way. Helping just one person is so important.

  2. Hello Brad,

    Thank you so much for your kind comment. It made me feel amazing I have to admit–for he inspires me in so many ways and he set me on the new path of being a sudo-vegan as well. I truly believe in paying it forward so that is what I try and do as much as possible. Thank you so much for stopping by….

    Hi there Farrah, I know YOU know, look at all YOU Have done, and what a success you are! Thank you so much for that, it truly does mean so much coming for you–did you ever think we’d lose the weight? There were times I wondered!! Now, if I can help even one person like you said, it’s worth it. Thank you so much for stopping by!


Thanks, Traci

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