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Three heads and hachu, hachu, hachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been a tad under the weather and just not feelin’ up to snuff…

Between me, and the hubby and people at work, it’s just goin’ around–so that is where I have been!!!

Little girl blows her nose












Tryin’ to kick it and hoping this sneezing will stop soon!!!




Mexican Town with the Ladies, Tosca’s Cleanse and an Awesome blog AND Margs!

Hya Everyone,

We had Ladies Night with my co-workers and it was SO much fun! As some of you know I am from Texas–grew up in San Antonio and ADORE mexican food! Since coming to Michigan I have found a few places but everyone says if I want to find ANYTHING even remotely similar, I need to go to Mexican Town in Detroit.

Now first off let me say I am an hour from Detroit and don’t get down there very often for if you don’t know your way around, it can be kinda crazy…

Mex Town








This is where we were, it was YUM! 🙂

Mexican Town 1




These are the wonderful Ladies of my work!! We have decided to do something every two months…


Mex town 10











Mex town 4








Mex town 8









Mex town 3











Mex town 11











Mex town 10


My co-worker Linda and I have decided to do Tosca’s Cleanse which you can find here…


Mex town 7








Linda and I….

I have gained a little weight ( about 12 pounds). This is from dealing with my knee, trying to figure out my lifestyle ( this will be one of my next posts and plain just being lazy so I am trying to get back on track and Linda and I (below) have decided to do this, isn’t she gorgeous? She doesn’t really need to, she is very healthy and actually ‘starting to eat clean’ with me, not that she didn’t really before, but we are helping each other. This is a horrible pic of me, but great one of her…I look at this and say, wow, I have gained tons of weight, when I haven’t really but it sure looks like it??


I also want to tell you about this amazing blog, once I’m done with my Cleanse I am going to try this, I did buy what I needed…













I won these from her site, please check out Jess, she has an amazing site, with lots of fun things, great eats and it’s just packed with good fun things and great advice… ( Jess I am going to be drinking these this coming weekend, I can’t thank you enough!!!


This is a reduced calorie margarita mixer from Powell and Mahoney ( that is actually OK for you!!) Imagine that!!

Please check out their site here…

I can’t wait for next weekend to actually partake, WHOOT!


Still trying to get back on track with working out, I struggle, it hurts my knee and then I falter, but this week I will have three days so I am getting there!


Off to watch the Red Wings with the boys, hope everyone has a great weekend!!




Babykins, Happy 19th Birthday, still blowing kisses to your heart Courtney

I can’t believe you are 19, I still think of being terrified of being a new Mama at 24!

Mama Traci











I had NO idea what to do, what I WAS doing, what YOU were supposed to be doing! 🙂

You were amazing–still are…

Cort and Mom








I stil recall you asking me, since you were outdrawing me by the time you were about 6 ( hey I could at least color in the lines with you!!) if you could sleep with you pencils, no dolls for Courtney, always artistic, like the rest of the fam. I miss getting those, still have all the ones you have given me, even looking at my computer desk right now, I have a clay pot, a heart that says ‘ Happy Mother’s Day’ and and a another heart you made me–I even have your first drawing, what you were like 2? So many memories, so even though I shed a tear for we are so far apart, know you are never more than a ‘ blowing kisses to your heart’! I love you more than you will ever know!

Enduring pain and fear, these tangles caught
in strokes of brush to tame unruly curls;
and brave a smile for you, a hug is sought.

The precious moments spent as eve now swirls
with mother, daughter, laughter- bonds are deep.
As reading starts this thread, the words will twirl…

While painting sky with hues in peaceful sleep,
a teddy she enjoys is pad and ink.
as rainbow streaks arise, the pastels leap.

When morning breaks, the dawn begins to link
a day with pals and swimming pools-her smile.
Then walking past she looks, your eyes now wink

As sun begins its fade, returning her,
With grins and hugs for mom, a child will stir.

2011-12-26 at 21-22-04








Happy Birthday Courtney!  I can’t wait to see the woman you become — I really think you are on your way…














Reviews of the Paleo Diet

Like before, I don’t tell you what they say, I want YOU to figure them out….


I got some good information, so I think you have a basic idea of how this idea works.


The next few diet plans I do, I WILL have more knowledge of ( personally).


I am going to do Weight Watchers ( now I haven’t done the new version they have out, I am going to do something on being a Vegan and Vegetarian and  I also may do Jenny Craig which I don’t know much about but jI know it’s big.


I will end this series with Eat Clean…


So that is what is coming up!