MY Biggest Loser Video

Well, here is my Biggest Loser Tape I was going to use for my try outs when they were here in Michigan! 🙂 I lost the sound so I had to add it ,  I hope you still enjoy–please note one of my favorite bands Evanescence is playing in the background.

We all have those don’t we? The some days, the should have’s, the could be’s! The lying on the bed with the coat hangers sucking in just ONE more DAMN inch from those DAMN jeans. The ‘passed over look’ of the one person we wanted to notice us? How about the ‘some day’, I will work out ‘ some day’ or I will start my diet ‘ tomorrow’? Yeah, or what about the infamous ‘ Ex’? Yeah, I have that to, I adore my Husband don’t get me wrong but my Ex, as many issues as I have with him, my memories got me through some rough moments! Any of you have those?

Before the Eat Clean Diet, before anything else I was lost…I thought there is NOTHING that could help me. My best friend Kat introduced me to Biggest Loser and I thought, oh lovely, another reality Tv show and then Jillian, Bob and Allie happened and I was hooked…

Just some notes from my blog, check it out, I am trying to go backwards and give some tips and ideas on how I have lost over 90 pounds with an injury…still having issues with my total knee replacement-we just found out I have patella baja and it’s NOT going to be fixed (2012), and doing it with only food! Hope you will join me….as we do this together, for I so believe in paying it forward!


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Thanks, Traci

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