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Sudo Vegan World…

Good Morning my dear friends!

I feel like the Tin man from Wizard of Oz, I just need a little oil and all my parts will be working again. It’s funny, my step son ( who is also a vegan, though MUCH further along then I.  We were talking the other day and it seems that though we both eat more healthy, we seem to the ones with the issues–go figure!)

One side note, then back to my story….

Per my EMG (nerve testing), I do not have nerve damage, my thigh’s atrophied, from ‘lack of use’ apparently. The reason this makes me SO angry is because I have asked for almost a year ‘ what is wrong, what can I do, what needs to be done?’ And I have gotten ‘ we don’t know, you have a weak thigh’. From what one person told me recently, ‘put some weights on it, all the cardio, leg lifts etc won’t help you if you don’t have weight’. UGH, really? I guess I keep thinking, had someone told me this a year ago, how many of my current medical issues RIGHT now could have been avoided? For now, it looks like I didn’t WANT to do anything or I WAS lazy or I WAS hurting too much when I WAS out walking two miles on a damn walker. OK vent over. So, now I am going to get some light weights, keep up my walking and try to get this pain in my damn thigh to stop and get my leg to stop looking like a squash. Also, this still doesn’t address my knee issues, my shoulder issues, my chest issues, BUT it’s a start and I am all for starts! I am just frustrated, but you know what? I lost over 90 pounds while being flat on my back, this isn’t going to stop me either! 🙂

To bring this all together. As a lot of you know, I lost a lot of weight with the Eat Clean diet ( thank you Beth and  Marissa and Ken) I couldn’t have continued at the gym when I was laid off if Marissa Jarrett and her husband Ken had not let me stay there with a VERY discounted rate so I have to REALLY say thank you to them, REALLY say thank you to them!  These are amazing trainers so if you are looking for some, check them out!

You can find my story here at the Eat Clean Site…


Tosca has come out with a Vegetarian cook book and is having guest bloggers on her site tell their stories –mine will appear May 20th…thank you so much for having me Tosca, it’s truly an honor!!!


I  hope you will come check it out and read the other guest bloggers– there are so many interesting ones. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or just want to maybe try a meat-less meal every once in a while, swing by– it’s been a great read and trust me, my blog, will surprise you– it’s all I am sayin!! 🙂

I also have a good eats for you, I have stolen this from my step son Erik and revised it, it’s so delish!

Mango Tosda


1 whole wheat tortilla

1-2 tablespoons clean humus of choice

1-2 tablespoons clean salsa-Whole foods has an amazing one ( careful, you don’t want to make it TOO wet)

1/4 mango

1/4 avocado

Cover tortilla with humus and place in toaster oven, on a higher temperature– you want it to ‘bake’ and be crispy. Remove and add salsa, slices of avocado and slices of mango.

I usually eat two of these ( small tortillas), and then you can have the remaining mango for dinner . Or have one as a snack.  For non-vegans/vegetarians, you can add meat to this or I have even made them with green onions, lettuce, black beans and tomatoes–there are a lot of avenues.

My step son originally used a flat bread and  spicy humus. Before he became a vegan, he loved Little Caesars’ crazy bread and when the humus is baked it has a cheese like texture, but for me the tortilla is just lighter.

Hope you enjoy!  I will be in Texas for two weeks because my baby is graduating High School but after that, I will be around more!

Aye’ she’s got me…

Take care and God Bless!