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Babykins, Happy 19th Birthday, still blowing kisses to your heart Courtney

I can’t believe you are 19, I still think of being terrified of being a new Mama at 24!

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I had NO idea what to do, what I WAS doing, what YOU were supposed to be doing! 🙂

You were amazing–still are…

Cort and Mom








I stil recall you asking me, since you were outdrawing me by the time you were about 6 ( hey I could at least color in the lines with you!!) if you could sleep with you pencils, no dolls for Courtney, always artistic, like the rest of the fam. I miss getting those, still have all the ones you have given me, even looking at my computer desk right now, I have a clay pot, a heart that says ‘ Happy Mother’s Day’ and and a another heart you made me–I even have your first drawing, what you were like 2? So many memories, so even though I shed a tear for we are so far apart, know you are never more than a ‘ blowing kisses to your heart’! I love you more than you will ever know!

Enduring pain and fear, these tangles caught
in strokes of brush to tame unruly curls;
and brave a smile for you, a hug is sought.

The precious moments spent as eve now swirls
with mother, daughter, laughter- bonds are deep.
As reading starts this thread, the words will twirl…

While painting sky with hues in peaceful sleep,
a teddy she enjoys is pad and ink.
as rainbow streaks arise, the pastels leap.

When morning breaks, the dawn begins to link
a day with pals and swimming pools-her smile.
Then walking past she looks, your eyes now wink

As sun begins its fade, returning her,
With grins and hugs for mom, a child will stir.

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Happy Birthday Courtney!  I can’t wait to see the woman you become — I really think you are on your way…