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What Traci did today, I MUST love my husband!

I must love my husband because as you are starting to understand about me, I have the heart of a vegan, just not the taste buds of one. 🙂 One thing I am loving about this new lifestyle is my husband is on board!  HE”s actually doing much better than ME! I did wonderful per the Eat Clean lifestyle.  I was GREAT at doing that, but with only fruits and veggies– I ‘m struggling at times.

So, when he comes to me and wants treats to take to work that aren’t full of sugar and chemicals, I’m SO on board and EVEN better, I DON’T eat them! Well, not most of them anyway! 🙂 We seem to have become the muffin house as of late, so if anyone has any muffin recipes,  please pass them on.  The first one’s been a standard lately in our house and it’s in my recipes–the banana,walnut muffins but I added blueberries, so delish!

Banana, blueberry, walnut muffins









Blueberries are one of the ONLY fruits I will eat cooked, yes I KNOW I’m a vegan, lol!!  My husband wanted some apple muffins instead of some quick treat he could buy at the store.  I thought, ok, I can try…

Apple, cinnamon muffins









Michael said these muffins were good, but judging by the disaster my kitchen was, I felt I was off to a good start.

Now, here’s the last experiment, don’t you just LOVE having your own personal tester!!  These LOOKED good, even to ME! Kinda like a cinnamon roll sooooo I thought, these are SO Michael! THESE were the best he said.

And by the way, these are ALL vegan–well I made them vegan! 🙂

Apple, brown sugar, walnut muffins










This was how I spent my Sunday!  I am soooo tired I must say!  I AM  not a baker! But, I do feel better that he’s getting these from me and not buying  junk at the store.  Now, just to get Traci  more vegan friendly, I know, I know I’m getting there!!! 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying Palm Sunday!