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Changes at the WalkerLady House!

Good Morning,

As you can see, I am changing my site around, there are a few reasons for this (thank you Marilyn a fellow blogger who writes often and about such interesting things-you inspire me! 🙂

1.) There are so many things I want to say and I get so intimidated ( trying to recall so far back what I did and didn’t do) and also I have a short shelf life . What does that mean, it means that with my current medical issues ( which I will get into in my next post) I can only be on the computer for a limited time without pushing it. Well, I do anyway. Though I’m now taking medication for pain, it only takes the edge off.

Also, as a side note, I am grammatically challenged. This is not an excuse, or something  of which I’m proud ( my husband taught me something new) ; I’m REALLY working on  this. My husband does TRY to help me, but he’s working on his next book. Check out SwordofShakespeare.com- if you’re  interested. I am just so proud and he’s a damn good writer, so I just wanted to mention it. Either way, you can read some beautiful poetry and stories– which incidentally, is how we met–on a poetry forum. Maybe one day, I will post some of mine.

ANYWAY, back to my comma and semi colon abuse; I am working on it, so please forgive me. I think faster than I can type.

2) So, I am going to have two sections; one for the past, and one for the present. Yes, more work, but then I can write about what is currently going on and still do what I feel is ‘God led’, and help others.

So this is what I am doing; I already have in my head the next few posts, now I just have to get them down on paper.

I’m excited; I think this is going to work out so much better!



PS, tell me what you think…