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Brief Intermission…

Brief Intermission









Hi everyone!

Sorry, I haven’t  been around– I wanted to write a quick note to let you know a few things….

  1. I again have some medical issues–I just haven’t had the energy to do much blogging. I am working this out and it’s temporary so please be patient with me.
  1. My daughter’s  graduating from Highshool and I’m scrapping a memory book for her. This is not something I ‘m  familiar with, so it’s taking up some of my limited time as well.
  1. I’m also  walking at least 2 miles every day! This wears me out, and bothers my chest and thigh, but I  really want to push through this. We are looking to do EMG testing on my thigh.  It’s been suggested I may have nerve damage, we shall see.
  1. I still can’t seem to handle the computer more than a few hours at a time–so I need to  focus on things around my home and getting things done before I go to Texas at the end of May. I will try  to do another entry before then. Please know, I’m still here, just a tad behind.