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The WalkerLady, with a cane, in the library

Good Morning dear friends,

I know, I know, in the library! BUT I JUST adore Clue don’t you!! Couldnt’ resist…. hope you enjoy my story below….

Now, we are back to talking about weight loss and eating healthy. Sure we are going to have some every day life thrown in now and again. This is what makes a blog, a REAL blog!

Since I stated out at 245, and started out  as ‘  The Walker Lady’ I wanted to show you all how I got there and continue from there. 🙂

So, we are going to go back to the Brickhouse Gym and talk about Beth again, she was the one who introduced me to the Eat Clean diet. Now, as I have mentioned there no longer is a Brickhouse gym and you need to go below to find Beth and do the ‘Gauntlet.’ Good luck if you do! LOL

Metro Family Fitness 30 N. Groesbeck

But back to my story.

I was doing my training with Beth in 2010 when my knee really started bothering me. That is me below after doing the  ‘Gauntlet’– looks deceiving but I had just worked my tail off! 🙂 I have moved the damn tire  more than once DAMN)




More Sweat-Thank you Beth, Marissa and Ken! And I can’t thank the Brickhouse Crew, I love you all!










So, just to show you some pictures of where I was BEFORE I blew out my knee…I lost about 15  pounds and 13 inches I think before that happened! I LOVED it! Loved Circuit Training, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

When I  was in 8th grade, I hurt my knee in gym class, blew out my ACL and had surgery, woke up to a freaking clown, just sayin’–PLEASE don’t do this to your kids! It is not that they did anything wrong during my surgery, but they didn’t have the technology back then that they have now,  so it created an arthritic situation over the years which just gradually got worse with wear and tear.

After years of it hurting and avoiding–and yeah over doing it at the gym, I  had it looked it. When we saw the first surgeon , they scoped it. With me being so young–I was still in my 30’s, they didn’t want to do a Total Knee Replacement. THIS is not because of  the surgery, this is because of your SECOND AND THIRD surgeries. Most likely I will have two more in my lifetime, which will be A LOT more intense than what I have already been though which I must I admit, I can’t even imagine at this point.

So, they scoped, told me I was bone on bone and basically had cartilage issues–but didn’t really fix it because there wasn’t a point. It was also suggested I lose weight. I had already started this path, I was still in the 220’s.  I stated Eating Clean a few weeks later as I mentioned in an earlier post.

This stated a year of physical therapy, trying to get my knee better. He didn’t want to do the surgery, didn’t think I was there yet, I was too young etc. During this time I did injections, had shots, had a manipulation ( this is where they put you under and manually break up the scar tissue) this helps you for you don’t have your brain telling you it hurts.  After this procedure he went out and told my Michael how he was able to get me to bend so much and maybe I need to pain management, basically saying ‘ this was in my head’! I can’t tell you even to this day how PISSED I was! STILL am! After that day, I went to PT and said ‘ I don’t care how bad this hurts, you do WHATEVER you have to do, just do it’ I was SO pissed! But still I didn’t get better!  In fact the injections made me worse, chicken fat is what they were and they even told me that hadn’t had someone react like me…

In 2011 we got a second opinion…

I told them out the manipulation and what had happened and they told me that he could have got me to bark like a dog and what happened was totally wrong. FINALLY someone was listening to me, someone was understanding the year of hell I had gone through.

They did suggest surgery, YES they said that I would have multiple surgeries, YES, the next one would BE HORRIBLE and I needed to think about  this, I would have rods and what not! BUT what I needed to think about was that if I let this go TOO long, it would go up into my thigh…

Let me say up front I am kinda a wimp! If you piss me off, I will do what I can but still…I don’t like pain, have issues with medications, and I can struggle! I wish I knew now what I didn’t know then. Just not sure I would have done this! I know I needed too, but man…

I had the surgery February 2011 and I am still struggling….

This is not the best picture and one of the only ones I have….

Traci's knee

Traci’s knee












I was on my walker for almost a year,  I was determined NOT to gain all my weight back and continue on my path even if I couldn’t work out! I wasn’t sure HOW I was going to do it! It was sooo hard, still is!

I froze some of Beth’s Superman Muffins to have after my surgery so that Michael didn’t have to cook for me and I could have them when I got home. I did Cooler 1 ( often)! 🙂

I started slow but I went for walks on my walker around my block and eventually went up to 2 miles on my walker, hence I became the Walker Lady….

Funny pic of me on my walker

Funny pic of me on my walker

Cort and Mom water-Summer 2012











The other day someone in my neighborhood mentioned how far I’ve come and it was cool! They watched me go from the walker, to the cane, to me now…

So, how am I now?

I still have frozen shoulder, the sharp pain still seems to have gone–though I admit I baby it, I don’t make sudden moves or anything so I am not totally sure. I don’t have the movement– I can’t raise my arms above my head or to the side. We THINK this has come from being on my walker so long.  I did have a tear on the left side, though my right side seems worse–still. We got some info back from U of M with a bunch of big words which I haven’t looked up yet–maybe when I have some time.

I still have chest pain, yeah we have no idea what that is, so who knows, I am living with it and I don’t even talk about it for what is the point! I just get use to not breathing at times…

My thigh, it bothers me every morning when I wake up. No idea, maybe from sleeping all night, who knows? I would like to get some weights, but need to research it. Yeah, when I have some time, would also like to do this for my arms, it was suggested by a friend in my Church group.

My knee, still having issues, especially on things like stairs, I can go down but not up. Have issues sometimes when I walk but not always, it seems to be ‘ a sometimes’ thing. I can only seem to do 2 miles, no more, but it’s not only the knee, it’s also the chest and thigh. And the weather seems to bother me too and it seems to ‘ hot’ and I don’t know why? And sometimes it just hurts, and if I move it the wrong way, it just hurts. I don’ t know, I limp though I try to hide that.

I am just trying to live with all this for it seems it will be my life and I don’t want to stop living! I have a job now and sometimes at work I have a hard time, I struggle but we need the help so–I have to put us first so! The rest, I just pray every morning! 🙂 AND like I said, it’s not always! I just take it day by day!

Just as I have slipped a little on my weight loss, as I told someone today in response on my blog–we get comfortable and you know what, for someone like me, I can’t! I have to keep my balance –I haven’t been doing this that long, so now, I am just going to keep finding my way, and keep right on going so thank you ‘ timezonehoppers’ for keeping me honest!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!




Sudo Vegan World…

Good Morning my dear friends!

I feel like the Tin man from Wizard of Oz, I just need a little oil and all my parts will be working again. It’s funny, my step son ( who is also a vegan, though MUCH further along then I.  We were talking the other day and it seems that though we both eat more healthy, we seem to the ones with the issues–go figure!)

One side note, then back to my story….

Per my EMG (nerve testing), I do not have nerve damage, my thigh’s atrophied, from ‘lack of use’ apparently. The reason this makes me SO angry is because I have asked for almost a year ‘ what is wrong, what can I do, what needs to be done?’ And I have gotten ‘ we don’t know, you have a weak thigh’. From what one person told me recently, ‘put some weights on it, all the cardio, leg lifts etc won’t help you if you don’t have weight’. UGH, really? I guess I keep thinking, had someone told me this a year ago, how many of my current medical issues RIGHT now could have been avoided? For now, it looks like I didn’t WANT to do anything or I WAS lazy or I WAS hurting too much when I WAS out walking two miles on a damn walker. OK vent over. So, now I am going to get some light weights, keep up my walking and try to get this pain in my damn thigh to stop and get my leg to stop looking like a squash. Also, this still doesn’t address my knee issues, my shoulder issues, my chest issues, BUT it’s a start and I am all for starts! I am just frustrated, but you know what? I lost over 90 pounds while being flat on my back, this isn’t going to stop me either! 🙂

To bring this all together. As a lot of you know, I lost a lot of weight with the Eat Clean diet ( thank you Beth and  Marissa and Ken) I couldn’t have continued at the gym when I was laid off if Marissa Jarrett and her husband Ken had not let me stay there with a VERY discounted rate so I have to REALLY say thank you to them, REALLY say thank you to them!  These are amazing trainers so if you are looking for some, check them out!

You can find my story here at the Eat Clean Site…


Tosca has come out with a Vegetarian cook book and is having guest bloggers on her site tell their stories –mine will appear May 20th…thank you so much for having me Tosca, it’s truly an honor!!!


I  hope you will come check it out and read the other guest bloggers– there are so many interesting ones. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or just want to maybe try a meat-less meal every once in a while, swing by– it’s been a great read and trust me, my blog, will surprise you– it’s all I am sayin!! 🙂

I also have a good eats for you, I have stolen this from my step son Erik and revised it, it’s so delish!

Mango Tosda


1 whole wheat tortilla

1-2 tablespoons clean humus of choice

1-2 tablespoons clean salsa-Whole foods has an amazing one ( careful, you don’t want to make it TOO wet)

1/4 mango

1/4 avocado

Cover tortilla with humus and place in toaster oven, on a higher temperature– you want it to ‘bake’ and be crispy. Remove and add salsa, slices of avocado and slices of mango.

I usually eat two of these ( small tortillas), and then you can have the remaining mango for dinner . Or have one as a snack.  For non-vegans/vegetarians, you can add meat to this or I have even made them with green onions, lettuce, black beans and tomatoes–there are a lot of avenues.

My step son originally used a flat bread and  spicy humus. Before he became a vegan, he loved Little Caesars’ crazy bread and when the humus is baked it has a cheese like texture, but for me the tortilla is just lighter.

Hope you enjoy!  I will be in Texas for two weeks because my baby is graduating High School but after that, I will be around more!

Aye’ she’s got me…

Take care and God Bless!



Switch it up…

Installment #4 of backtracking my weight loss

When I first met Beth Downey at the Brickhouse Gym (please note the Brickhouse Gym is now closed, I have the new gym information listed below), I thought, no problem. She’s this little, bitty thing–who is quiet and very kind.

I was terrified, walking in to the gym at 245 pounds, making sure I told her so I wouldn’t have to weigh (again) and be embarrassed.

She calmly took my measurements, as I told her my story; she didn’t bat an eye. There was no ‘gasping’ or ‘ how could you’– just patience and understanding.

Boy, was I wrong about her, I still hear her trademark ‘ switch it up’ in my dreams…

Me, dying, can you tell?

Me on the left, I think I'm trying to breathe...

This little powerhouse kicked my ass, had me begging for mercy and still kept it coming. Weights, ropes, tires, bikes, you name it and Beth has you doing something with it—she is relentless. Yet, her class is always full and people love her. If you want to sweat– take on the ‘Gauntlet’ class at the Metro Family Fitness in Mount Clements, MI (new location) it’s well worth it.

More Sweat

More Sweat with my pals at the Brickhouse...

In my first month of doing the ‘Gauntlet, I lost 14 inches! Yes, 14 inches! I also learned I loved to do Circuit Training.

‘Circuit Training is a form of conditioning combining resistance training and high-intensity aerobics. It is designed to be easy to follow and target strength building as well as muscular endurance. An exercise “circuit” is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program. When one circuit is complete, one begins the first exercise again for another circuit. Traditionally, the time between exercises in circuit training is short, often with rapid movement to the next exercise.’

But, I started having issues with my knee after about a month. I had surgery back in 84 for my ACL, after an injury in middle school. We tried working around this at the gym, but my knee was really bothering me. I kept hearing talk around the gym of a diet called ‘ The Eat Clean’ diet, others were doing this with great success–I was curious.

This is what we will talk about in Installment 5…

Here’s Holly, me, and Beth. I sure miss the Brickouse crowd, they were the best– they kept me on my toes for sure!!!!

Holly, Traci and Beth

Holly, Traci and Beth



P.S. I have just started my walking again, it’s not circuit training, but it’s a start! 🙂